Before I introduce you to more of my students, lets just take a moment and look at how cool these kids are.  Maybe one day I’ll be on their level.  I’m taking notes.





This is RaeAn, my one native English speaker.  She was adopted from China by one of the missionary families that started this school.  If anyone loves school, it’s this girl!  She is a constant stream of energy and enthusiasm.  She is a very bright (almost four year old) preschooler, and she has an excellent memory.  Whether it’s answering my questions in class or pretending to be “Miss Mary,” during play time, she a is a good reminder of how kids pick up on a lot more than you realize.  Every teacher needs a student like this to make them feel good about themselves and keep them on their toes!


RaeAn has been eager to learn from day one, and learned how to write her name all by herself in no time!


That energy though. She can outlast anyone…especially the sleeping kid on the swing next to her 😉



Romeo joined our class a week into the school year, but watching him, you never would have known.  From his first day of school he has been the quiet observer who watches and follows by example, paying close attention to every detail.  Whether he’s in the classroom, or playing sports outside, he always gives one hundred percent…until he wears himself out and falls asleep.  Romeo is so full of joy, and always has the biggest (toothless) gin.  He is also quite a little gentleman.  The small stature of this five year old has nothing on his big personality!


How could you not love that smile?


Little athlete. He’s a bit of an entertainer too.



Meet Maila.  Though this student is not a regular at our school, she fits in as if she were there every day, and the other students love her!  Maila lives in the capitol, Kigali, where she attends kindergarten.  About one week each month, she comes to Musanze with her mother (who comes to town for her job), and we are lucky enough to have her in our classroom during that time.  Maila has great hair, a big imagination, and loves to talk!  I have to admit, I was a little thrown off when this student began to volunteer comments, stories, and questions one after another during her first week at our school…I’m obviously not used to outgoing, English speaking students.



Girl’s got style!



Well, I think the name says it all. This little girl is feisty, go getter, and it takes a lot to get her down.  She is bold and spunky.  Happyness has a loud personality, sense of style and voice.  She is usually very happy and laughing about something, but she is also full of fight and can hold her own.  She wants so badly to speak English and I must commend her for the bravery and confidence with which she throws out English words any chance she gets…even if they are unrelated to the topic. I can’t wait for the day when the correlation between these words and their meanings click for her.


Wearing her sequins loud and proud! This girl is not lacking confidence.


So much sass.


Yes, this is going to take three posts.  Come back to meet my littles!







  1. Mary, thank you for introducing us to your preschoolers. I am enjoying getting to know each one of them through your insightful descriptions and beaautiful photos. As I have been reading about each child, my thoughts have gone to wondering how God will weave their lives into His beautiful tapestry. It is exciting to think how these little ones will influence their world for Christ one day because of the love you show them now.

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