I am aware that I am long overdue for a post on here, and I’m not exactly sure where to pick up.  So, I’ll start with something simple.  My lack of posts has not been due to lack of activity. Quite the opposite actually. Life has been busy and my brain has been full. A lot has been going on and I haven’t been able to figure out a way to express some of these things since I am still figuring it all out. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to share them, but for now, I’ll just share what I do know: the simple things in my life that just are.

I don’t know much right now. But here’s what I do know. I live in a beautiful place. Really. Active or not, volcanoes are cool. And there are five of them in my town. Plus the one that can be seen next door in the DRC. Sometimes I think they look strange standing alone, covered with green (unlike the mountain ranges in CO), but really this makes them look that much more impressive. Preschool consumes my life. But I adore my students. They are worth it. Rainstorms can be inconvenient. They can also be cleansing, and they make for a clearer sky. Rwandans stare. They also smile. I am white, which means here, sometimes I have a captive audience, whether I want it or not. Flowers are pretty. They are also strong. African tea is good. Weakness is difficult. There are no strangers around a fire. Quiet time is important. Playing sports releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Sleep is necessary. Friends are a blessing. And cold showers are cold. Oh, and electricity…sometimes it’s surprisingly calming to not have it. Also, Psalms 13:5-6. I know that God is good, and will continue to be good. Always.

Here, look at some photos.


My favorite part of my mornings; Seeing the sun shine through the brightly colored petals of these rain drop covered flowers.


My wild animals.


We were without electricity for a few days after a thief stole some copper cables…and then the wind knocked down a few power lines.


Mt Sabyinyo (as seen from standing on the wall in from of my house) on an unusually clear day.


A big warm fire in the middle of a driveway, with some strangers, some friends, and lots of African Tea.



  1. I love this entry. Being thankful for simple things in life is a good way to ground one’s self when things get a bit crazy. Farrell Harris gave me some good, simple advice many years ago. She said, “When you don’t know what you are sure you know about God, when you begin to be confused or overwhelmed with faith issus, just go back to simple things that you DO know about Him and start from there.” I still take this advice when I need to reset. Thank you for reminding me that simple is most often best.

  2. I love simple. Like you I need to shuffle through the layers and get to the foundation. Here are a few Colorado ones for you – I watch the Mesa for the frosting which will come soon. My trees are bare now and I miss the glowing of the gold, but now I will focus on what the limbs will share with me. The birds are still raiding my grapevines for frosted grapes left on the vine! My garden gave me wonderful yellow pear tomatoes to savor! The early morning sky is beautiful with moon glow and constellations. I have three sweet faces coming to visit me tonight. God adores me. That one is sometimes hard to understand but I keep trying! Love you Mary and praying for amazing blessings from God to you.

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