I’ve shared plenty on here in the form of words in my last few posts, so enough of my thoughts.  Here are some photos to give you a glimpse of my life in Rwanda…more specifically of my first two weeks back here (the  first week of school-week 3 will get its own post).  Enjoy.


On an early morning run a little ways from my house. I ran a new direction and saw new things right by my home…who knew.


I think this one is pretty self explanatory…


I’ve already shared this one a few times…but being in the rainy season, I’ve only seen these volcano’s one other time since I taking this photo my first day back. This is where I live. It’s not so bad.


Mt. Muhabura at sunrise…as seen from my back door.


Devolta made and frosted cupcakes for the first time. My housemate Julie brought the mix and helped her make them.


After making cupcakes we realized we don’t have any birthday candles…so we made due with this.


One of the girls I live with teaches at a boarding school here in Musanze, and last weekend she invited me to go watch her students play sports. It was the highlight of my week. And yes, they are playing volleyball.

Catching rain

Here’s to crowding under the cover of small dukas with strangers when the Rwandan rains come.


Once the rain finally let up, these kids got right back out there to play their futbol game. Slippery grass, splashing mud puddles and all…Nothing stops them. Especially the kid with the suitcase. He’s ready for anything.


I spent last Sunday morning at church with the sweet children from Sonrise school that I had met the day before.


Kids leading other kids in worship. So much energy. unavoidable blur, unavoidable joy.


As we left the school to go watch a basketball game, a few children followed us out and said they were coming with us…and then they kept coming. All of those children along the road came with us. In Rwanda, we walk.


Some Sunday Basketball


This isn’t a very exciting photo, but it’s an image I see every day. I get to look at that awesome mountain (that i’ve been to the top of) as I walk home from work each day.

So there you have it.  A glimpse into my life here and a visual of a few of the highlights from my first couple of weeks.  And then there are the moments that can’t be shared through a photo…and just can’t be described in words.  At least, not by me.  Not right now.





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