It has been almost two weeks since I returned to Rwanda; I think I my body is finally adjusting and my mind is finally clearing. I wrote a blog post a week ago, but decided against posting it…writing when I’m jet-lagged is kind of like talking to people when you’re on anesthesia. You don’t always remember what you said, which was probably anything and everything on your mind.


Sunset in Muhe

Speaking of jet-lag… I had a very productive first week in Musanze! Apparently my body decided to adjust to the transition and time difference by ignoring it all together. So instead of being calm and lazy, I did anything and everything I could think of (I even painted a wall in my bedroom after making a homemade paint tray), going non-stop until my body finally crashed from exhaustion last Friday night.

This past week was also productive, but in a more calm and focused way. The week was spent attending staff meetings, lesson planning, organizing, and crafting, all in preparation for the first day of school this coming Monday. Sweet Christine, my assistant teacher (and mother of my one English speaking student) has spent all week helping me organize, label, and make things for our classroom, so that I could spend more time on lesson planning. I have been provided with so many resources for teaching, which are at this point both a curse and a blessing. I am so thankful to have lots of resources, but it can also be very overwhelming at times. I still have a lot to do to get ready for Monday, but ready or not… my students are coming!

Last night we had an open house at school, where I had the chance to meet almost all of my students and their parents. All but one of our new (non-American) students this year, are preschoolers. They are my students. I am so excited about the diverse group of students that I have. More to come on that later. But for now, I am excited for both the joys and challenges that lie ahead of me this year as I teach multiple subjects to a variety of students, and I have a feeling I am going to learn just as much as they are. Here’s to learning!


An unusually clear and colorful sunrise from my backyard



  1. Wow, what a whirlwind of a couple weeks! Mary, I have a feeling that all of your little students will quickly find a way into your heart, and you into theirs as well. I pray that your room is always filled with the Spirit of God and that your little charges learn just what they need to in an atmosphere of love and fun. No pressure there! ; )

  2. Mary, you are a lovely woman. Love surrounds your blogg readers by your words, love shines in your eyes when you see God’s natural beauty and share it through your pictures, love is felt when we can also anticipate your students walking through your classroom door. Praying for you on Monday for a blessed first day.

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