*Warning: This is me unfiltered/unedited. Enjoy some raw reading.

It’s that time again. That time where I will once again make my way across the world to live in another country for a period of time. That time when I will make another attempt at writing on this blog on a somewhat regular basis to keep family and friends updated on my life (or at least the highlights).

To pick up where we left off (and give a quick re-cap)…..   Last December, I went to Rwanda, East Africa, where I spent about four and a half months teaching some missionaries’ kids there. In late May, I made my way back to the states for some much needed rest and time with family.

Not long after returning to the States, headed out  to California for a week where I soaked in time with dear friends and community and was able to attend the wedding of a sweet couple. In the beginning of July, I joined a group from my church (and some new friends from a church in Denver) on a short medical missions trip to Honduras where I translated for one of the Doctors in our group.  To keep it simple, this trip that I had mixed feelings about beforehand (that’s another topic) proved to be just what I needed, in more ways than one.

Aside from a little traveling, spending time doing some yard work in a beautiful yard (under the hot CO summer sun), trying to figure how to mentally prepare for my next trip, and hanging out with old and new friends, I spent the majority of my summer soaking in as much time as possible with my family…specifically my niece and nephew who I am in love with. It’s going to be a long ten months without them.


That brings us back to the present, where I sit writing this post from a corner of an airport as I wait for my flight back across the Atlantic Ocean. I am going back to Rwanda where I will spend ten months teaching both American and Rwandan children as I help start up what is now an American International School.

I left home ten days ago to spend some time with extended family in Tennessee and attend a cousin’s beautiful backyard wedding. From there I made my way to North Carolina to visit my dear friend Sarah Jane (who I met in Rwanda last time around). She is a wonderful hostess and knew just the right balance of planning fun things to do and see and providing a space for me to remember to rest. And now I sit in an all to familiar unfamiliar place. I am in a strange place right now, really. And as for figuring how to mentally prepare? Well I gave up on that and resorted to distracting myself with social overload and throwing myself deep into previous interests like watching baseball and speaking Spanish. My dad was sending me play by plays of a ballgame via text the other night. It’s that bad.

So…am I ready for this adventure? No, probably not. But are we ever really ready?



  1. Great raw reflections. Thank you for hanging out with us this summer. We loved having you home.
    Ready or not, here it comes. Love you.

  2. Love your reflections and perspective. You always do great jumping in to whatever adventure is at hand, and I look forward to watching this next 10 months unfold! Thanks for being with us this summer. Lily and Latham have many wonderful memories of Aunt Mary time from the past two months. Love you.

  3. p.s, My goal for your round two of Rwanda is to leave comments occasionally to let you know how much I love your postings, instead of just stalking your blog. 🙂

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