No matter what kind of camping you do, there is just something about sitting around a campfire with friends late into the night. It’s good for the soul.  As is breakfast cooked over a campfire, and time spent in the word, in song (harmonica included), and in prayer with friends; in recognition of what an amazing and creative God we have.








A couple of weekends ago I went camping with some friends at a beautiful location above Lake Bulera.  Ok, so it was more like glamping (glamour camping) than it was camping.  We stayed at a house that is still under construction, so while we still slept in tents and cooked our food over a fire…we didn’t truly rough it.  Even if we had, the view alone was unrealistic enough to make it feel like a dream rather than camping.  That is, the kind of Colorado camping that I grew up doing anyways.  Really though, that view. It was incredible.  No picture can do it justice, but I’ll share a few anyways.


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