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On the ride up to Bisoke. Before we hit the unpaved road.

Due to a lack of both internet and motivation this past week, I am behind on this blog whole blog thing. So…I’ll back track a little.  A couple weekends ago I hiked a volcano. Yeah.  I did.

IMG_9105Mount Bisoke, is one of the five volcanoes here in Rwanda. It’s not an active volcano, at least I don’t think it is, however it does have a crater lake at the top, which is pretty neat.  It was a beautiful hike through thick lush terrain.  Sadly, I did not see any exciting wildlife on this hike, but I wouldn’t of been surprised if at any moment I had seen a gorilla, an elephant, or even Tarzan and Jane.  Speaking of gorillas…though it’s not common to see these scarce creatures unless on a, “gorilla tracking tour/hike,” it is possible to see them while on other hikes (like the one I went on).  Non gorilla hikes are much cheaper than gorilla specific hikes, however if you are not on a gorilla hike, you’re not allowed to photograph any gorillas that you may be lucky enough to see. So apparently you don’t actually pay a high price to see the gorillas…you pay to take their photo.  Anyways…

We kept a pretty quick pace the whole way up the mountain…well, as quick a pace as you can keep when taking a sandbag staircase meant for someone with really long IMG_9103legs.  Regardless, we started at the bottom of the volcano and made it to the top in a decent amount of time.  By the time we reached the top, it was already surrounded by clouds which continued to close in on us, so after catching our breath, taking a few obligatory “we just hike a volcano” photos, we made our way back down the mountain just as it started to rain. After slipping and sliding down a few hundred yards, we made it back out of the clouds and enjoyed the rest of the hike with clear sunny skies up until the very last stretch, when it decided to pour. This hike provided some much needed outdoor adventure, physical activity, and time with friends. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to conquer more volcanoes in the near future.


The crew, plus a few fellow hikers at the top of Bisoke


IMG_9098Jesse and Roger thought they saw some gorillas…..must of been the elevation


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  1. This looks incredible. What an experience! Thanks for sharing. Crazy that you can’t take pictures of gorillas if you are not on a paid hike. I’m thinking it would be worth paying to do that just for the photo opportunity. Although I know it is crazy expensive.

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