I’m not a proper blogger, so I’m beginning with an intro/disclaimer

Being the indecisive perfectionist that I am, I have been here almost two weeks, and have yet to create the new blog that I intended to make.  So, despite my desire to continue working on a blog that is “just right”, I decided to begin posting on the blog you are currently reading.  The title of this blog doesn’t match the domain, and neither appear to be relevant to the content…all big mistakes according to the world of blogging. It’s also a bit stale (pay not attention to the previous posts on here).  Maybe someday I’ll fix all of this. Or maybe I won’t.

The New Year Came Early

Nine hours early to be exact.  With an early start to my day on January 1st (thanks to the lovely symphony of bird outside my bedroom window), it was a bit strange to think that my friends and family back home still had 3.5 hours of 2013 left to enjoy.

In case you didn’t know…I’m not in Colorado anymore.  With the support of friends, family, strangers, a smooth 29 hours of travel time and lots of prayer, I made it to Rwanda a little over a week ago.  After arriving, I spent my first night in Kigali before heading to Musanze, my new home for the next few months.

IMG_8737School resumed January 2nd, and with some much appreciated help, I began to learn the routine of a           typical school day here before running the show solo (Which I did this week).  So, I’m a teacher now.  Here in Rwanda anyways.

Having been here only a week (and still trying to get over jet lag), things have been a bit of a blur, and it feels like I’ve already done so much to have only been here this long.  I have already met some amazing people, seen beautiful sights, been to market, learned a few new words, had my feet peed on during church (yes, you read that correctly), survived a few nights home alone, watched the sky glow as the sun set behind the volcanoes, and made it through my first full week of teaching (next week maybe I’ll teach them to write run-on sentences like this).

IMG_8760 I’d say it’s been a successful first week (11 days, now that I finally posted this).  Now, as to whether or not this was a successful first post, well that’s up to you.

*Disclaimer:  I will do my best to update this somewhat regularly, but I can’t guarantee orderly thoughts or consistency of content or style.  I’m not a writer …and I’m new to this blogging thing, so we’ll see how it goes.



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  1. Thanks for the post! Sounds like you have had more new experiences in the past 11 days than most Americans will have in 2014. Love the way you embrace life!

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